How To Update My Smartphone Android

How To Update My Smartphone Android
How To Update My Smartphone Android. How to update the phone, Check for the update on your android smartphone. How to chek for updates on your android smartphone device, both for the system software that are installed.
A.Cheking for updates, Open the settings hidangan for your android. You can find this by tapping the settings applications in your aplications list.

B.Scroll to the bottom of the menu and tap “about device” it may say about phone or about tablet depending on your device. If you dan’t see about device tap the system category first. On some android devices you’ll see the system updates option in the main settings menu below about device tap it instead.

C.Tap “sytem update” it may say sofwhare update or download updates manually.

D. Tap “Chek for Update” the wording may vary depending on your device. Tap Ok if asked to confirm.Wait while your device checks for update. This may take a few moments.

E.Wait while youre device checks for updates. This may take a few moment

F.Tap “download” or “yes” if an uodate is available. The update will begin downloading to your device it is recommended that you download updates while connected to wirelless network, as they can be quite large. If no update is available you can try again later. Mashing the chek for update button won’t make the update appear faster. Tap “Instal after the update has downloaded, it may take a while for the update to download the instalation option to become available. Connect your device to a charger, You’ll need last 75% battery before starting a system update and it’s recommended to keep your devices charging during it. Wait while youre device updates your smartphone android diveice will restart and begin the update process this may take 15-20 minutes.

This how to manually update an android smartphones phone or tables operating system. While your android will typically update auomatically, you can speed up the update process by manually updating as soon as you know an uppdate is available.

Connet to Wifi > Open Settings > Tap About device > Tap Check for Updates > Tap Update And The Install iff prompted.

A.Make sure you’re connected to “Wifi” to do so use two fingers to swipe down from the top your android’s screen and look the Wifi icon; if it has a slash through it, tap it to enable Wifi before continuing.
B.Open youre Smartphone android’s “Settings” It’s a light purple app with a white gear on it that’s in the app drawer.
C.Scroll down and tap “about device” this options near the bottom of the page. Skip this step if you have a Samsung Galaxy Device.
D.Tap”Check For updates You’ll see this option at the top of the screen. On some Android devices, tapping “sofwhare update may prompt your android to search for an update.
E.Tap the “Update” option if prompted, if there is an update available for your smartpone android device you’ll have the option of tapping “update or Install”.

F.Tap “Instal” or “Update” when promted This option will appear in a pop up window, doing so will begin installing the smartphone android’s operating system update. This process will likely take anywheae from a few minutes to an hour.